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Shaping The Future

of Printing Services.




Who We Are

IMPRIMERIE CANADA is the one stop shop for all your commercial printing needs. Digital printing, offset printing, flexography, and even 3D printing. You name it. Our goal is to deliver our clients quality products, within their budget, in a timely manner.

What We Offer

We offer our clients high quality printed materials at competitive prices, including, but not limited to, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, custom packages and also large format printing of posters, vinyl banners, or rigid PVC panels.

Our Vision

“Nothing comes from nothing.”—Parmenides


In a world where almost any service can be ordered online, a need for easy to access, yet affordable, printing services emerges. We see printing as a continuous process of innovation, which derived from what we have learned from history, and can make a difference in the future.


We do believe that we have the capability and flexibility to tailor our services in order to fit each project particular needs, and go beyond our clients' expectations.


Why Us

We Have The Experience

With 15+ of experience in the field of printing, we are confident in the skillset and abilities of our team, and have a lot to show for our services to the printing industry. We offer our wealth of knowledge to serve all customers, no matter the scale of their projects.

We Have The Technology

We continually have an eye on the horizon. From ongoing training to top notch equipment, we are focused on the constantly evolving technologies in the printing domain. Along with the basic machinery in the rear view mirror, everything is doable.


We Have The Material

A huge spectrum of material has been introduced to the printing industry over the past decade. Printing is not limited to ink and paper anymore, and therefore, we have no limits as well when it comes to choosing the right material for each job.

We Have The Energy

We enjoy what we do, and how we do it. The lessons we learn along the way mainly come from dealing with challenging projects. Thus, we are always open to accept new challenges.

We Ship Across CANADA

From sea to shining sea, we ship our prints to almost any location across Canada at very affordable shipping rates, no matter the size and weight of the shipped package.

Request A Quote

Custom Quotes

Send us your project specifications using our online form. It is as easy as sending a simple email, or even easier! We will respond to your request within three business days with an estimated quotation and turnaround time, so you can take it from there to decide how to proceed. Please remember it is always possible to negotiate to reduce a quoted price in order to fit within your budget, but we NEVER compromise on quality though. Thank you for understanding.

Compare The Market

In case you have received quotations from other suppliers, and you just need to have an idea of the market prices for your job, do not hesitate to fill out our online Market Comparison Request, and let us do the rest. Please give it a good week before receiving a detailed report from our end that indicate the range of prices for printing your job.

Place An Order

It cannot be easier to place an online order to print a custom job through our website. All you need to do is to mention the quotation number you have received regarding that job, pay the agreed upon price, upload the the print-ready file based on the template we will send you, and then hit the Submit button.




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